Class recap: photo basics, homework pending

Great start to the second week of Bootcamp. Here are some helpful links related to the photography basics we reviewed in class today:

And if you want to watch a great documentary about photography, you can’t beat Bill Cunningham New York (available through Netflix) for entertainment and edification.

I noticed some students were still finding their way around the iMac. For those who are just getting started with a Mac after living in a Windows world, check out Mac Basics.

Homework due by start of class Wednesday, Aug. 7: Upload to your WordPress blogs one photo for each of the composition/design elements in shot list that was handed out today. Put each photo on a separate blog post, along with a one-sentence description about which of the elements the photo denotes. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need assistance. This assignment will be graded.

Tomorrow’s class will primarily focus on audio production. The schedule:

9:00–9:45 Jan Schaffer, J–Lab (meet in Wechsler Theater)
9:45–10:15 Overview of commercial & public broadcasting, Prof. Olmsted
10:15–10:45 Audio terminology & storytelling, Prof. Olmsted
11:00–12:00 Distribute & use of the Zoom H1N Digital Audio Recorder & sound into computer for digital editing with Audacity
12:00–1:00 Brown-bag lunch with Dean Jeff Rutenbeck, “Open Mic” (meet in classrom)
1:00–1:45 On Assignment: Gathering audio vox pops
1:45–3:00 Demo/assignment due (Edited vox pop with Audacity)
3:15–4:00 Instruction: Writing a “wrap”
4:00–5:00 In-class writing assignment (:40 wrap) *Graded*
Homework: Video story idea/planning