Student Projects

During week two of AU Journalism Bootcamp #AUMAJ15 paired up in groups of two to shoot, edit, and produce video packages.

Ryan Schuette and Jordan Sharp:

Mel Jones and Domanique Jordan:

Mariam Baksh and Moriah Balingit:

David Greenberg and Jeremy Hunter:

Paola Chavez and Alex Beall:

Pietro Lombardi and Rebecca Lundberg:

Lenore Adkins and  Noorjahan Akbar:

Alexis Williams and Liz Whyte:

Jeremy Muhiu and Ha Nguyen:

Miranda A. Strong and Marrissa Thomas:

Katie Le Dain and Amber Liu:

James Doubek and Chanda Duster:

Mahafreen Mistry and Auburn Mann:

Brieon Paige and Jones Ofuasia: