Class recap: shooting day! And tomorrow’s editing homework.

Bootcamp teams fanned out across the metropolitan area today aiming to shoot an array of video projects. Tomorrow, we edit!

Note: Prof. Olmsted has uploaded the PowerPoint used by Jan Schaffer, SOC’s Entrepreneur in Residence, in her presentation on the digital landscape. The PowerPoint can be found in the Content area of the course site on Blackboard.

Editing-related Homework: To prepare for tomorrow’s editing of your footage on Final Cut Pro X, it’s important for you to get acquainted in advance with interface basics. So please review the six clips cited below. They can all be found on As an AU student you have free access to Lynda tutorials. First log in with your school credentials at:

Then click to the Final Cut Pro X Essential Training tutorial. Study the following clips (the time in minutes and seconds follows the clip name):

  • Understanding the world of nonlinear editing 5m 2s
  • Taking a tour of the FCP X interface 8m 59s
  • Accessing additional tools 6m 23s
  • Performing video- and audio-only edits 3m 45s
  • Adjusting the audio level and channel configuration via the Inspector 8m 47s
  • Creating and adjusting titles 7m 18s


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