Class recap: extra credit and video tips

You will receive extra credit for watching and producing a report on the award-winning video Portrait of Compassion. Deadline is start of class tomorrow. Make sure to bring hard copies of the report to class with you. There are two parts to the report:

  • Identify five examples of effective cutaways. As we discussed in class, cutaways work best when they are motivated by dialog – that is, the cutaway provides an immediate visual representation of something said by the narrator or by a character. For example, in Bringing Back Made in America, we saw the shot of a factory machine’s gears coming to a sharp halt when the character talks about the plant shutting down. Find five instances of where a cutaway directly relates to specific dialog in Portrait of Compassion
  • Identify five examples of character development. As we discussed in class, a video story is told through layers of information. Each new layer of information should somehow aid in character development. For example, in the video about Lexi (beginning at 2:21), we find out more and more about her indomitable spirit as the story unfolds – including that doctors had said she would never walk, that she overcame severe birth defects and that she uses her feet to play cards. We continue to learn something new about her until we feel we intimately know her. Find five instances of character development in Portrait of Compassion.

You should write no more than one sentence for each example you cite.

Helpful links reviewed or mentioned in class today:

Frank Fitzmaurice, Director of Technology Services at American University’s School of Communication, serves up a highly popular video tutorial on the basics of the Panasonic HMC40 video camera.

Award-winning video journalist Darren Durlach shares his “mantra” for shooting video, and we see the technique in action in this Dancing Cop video.

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