Class recap: intro to journalism, standards and WordPress

Terrific start to Boot Camp! We covered a lot of ground, from class introductions and an overview of digital technology to journalism standards and the launch of WordPress blogs.

First up tomorrow: Guest speaker John Sullivan (profile), Investigative Reporter-in-Residence at AU’s School of Communication, an investigative reporter at The Washington Post and a Senior Editor at The Investigative Reporting Workshop. We’ll meet at 9 a.m. at the Wechsler Theater – not the classroom. Please be on time.

Homework due tomorrow:

  • Your diary of today’s first class. It should include summaries of subjects covered and initial observations about the course. Post this to your blog if you can. Otherwise we’ll upload it at tomorrow’s class.
  • Personal bio, to be used in your blog’s About page. Describe in some detail your professional background, including scholastic and work experience. Note your current digital footprint (e.g., whether you have a blog; use Twitter, Facebook or other social media) and your writing and multimedia skills (e.g., whether you’re adept at photography, video, audio or data visualization). The bio should have a professional tone. But it should be conversational, with some highlights about yourself personally. Text should be accompanied by a photo. Post this to your blog if you can. Otherwise we’ll upload it at tomorrow’s class.

Useful links for things we covered today:



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